Friday, December 26, 2008

Persona Project- Teenage Recklessness

For my persona project, I wanted to capture teenage recklessness. However, even at the age of eighteen, social pressures can hinder one’s willingness to show their “true” selves. Thus, I wanted to show them stripped of those inhibitions, and did so by documenting my friends’ experience taking acid.
Their insecurities melted away and the parts of their personalities they might have been afraid to expose came out. They were sillier, laughed more, messed around with each other, and had a good time. They talked, play-fought in the woods, skipped stones, and just sat around. Some of this was due to the distortive quality of the drug, but much of it was an aspect of their personality that I could have guessed they possessed but had never really shown.
This provokes the question: when it comes to teens, is it about the drugs, or is it about the feeling of being freer? And when it comes to feeling freer, are they actually more open, or just open with themselves and more closed off to the rest of society?

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