Tuesday, November 11, 2008

1. Porto Covo- Paulo Nunes Dos Santos
2. Taking A Bath- Stephan Kaps
3. Nora And Ned- Aya Rosen
4. Domestic Bills and Bourbon- David Brooks
5. The House In Indiana- Rudy Harris
6. Home of a homeless…- Biren Brahmbhatt
7. Residential Alleyway- Alberto Sed
8. Trailer Park Beauty- Jennifer Erickson
9. Near Nanchang- Marc Wellman
10. Boats- Marc Wellman
11. Bulb- Cody Spencer
12. Lighthouse Lenses- Juergen Thode
13. Home on the Farm- Lyndsay Smith
14. Square Home- Michi Sakai
15. Dream House- Sylvie Wibaut
16. Our Small Apartment- Glenn Marvin Jaucian
17. Cite- Alexandre Kurek
These are the three blogs that I thought were really well done and I liked the most:

Eli's- http://obeiliphoto.blogspot.com/
Hannah's- http://www.hrmphoto.blogspot.com/
Ezra's- http://nano.spontaneous-combustion.com/

I saw these pictures on a website called "Nature's Conception- The Gates of Hell," and I thought they were really beautiful. So, here they are!