Friday, December 26, 2008

Mapping Project- The Body As A Work Of Art

For the mapping project, I chose to map the body. In terms of the physical, our bodies are the most intimate and closest physical part of us. They are with us all the time, they are familiar, but they are also something that we must learn to be comfortable with. Like any other part of nature that is captured as art, the body is a work of art due to its organic qualities. The perfection of imperfections, and the personal nature and closeness of the body make it a familiar but powerful image.
The reason I chose to photograph this particular friend was because of the tattoos and piercings that she has. She, like many other people, has taken a whole other meaning to the idea of the body as a work of art. She has chosen to place works of art on her body and decorate it, and that act in and of itself makes her body an integral piece of the art itself. Her body is now an interesting and unique piece of art all on its own.

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