Friday, December 26, 2008

Final Project- Portraits

For the final project, I chose to photograph what I truly wished to photograph- my friends. In a previous project, the criticism that I received that concerned me the most was that it was hard to see the subjects’ personalities in the images. It upset me because I think of my friends as wonderful and humorous individuals, with a very interesting dynamic. Thus, in each of these portraits, I wanted to make sure that the relationship between the individuals in the pictures was emphasized, while also accentuating their individual personalities and the correspondence in their senses of humor. I made the portraits as simple as possible to focus attention solely on the people, and directed them very little. They came up with the specifics on their own, each person posing with the other based on jokes or nuances they had in their particular relationship. This created a genuine comical effect, and captured the essence of who I feel my friends are.

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