Tuesday, September 30, 2008

  1. Is There A Hope?- Petra Reza Shahibi
  2. Eye To The Soul- Faizel Ismail
  3. Granny & Mopsi- Toots Laura
  4. Can I Play With Maddness?- Hector Carbuccia
  5. Untitled- Casey Cranor
  6. Life After People- Robert Armstrong
  7. Ghost Town- Steve Stokan
  8. Toilet- Liz Augustine
  9. Death.- Kurtis Keim
  10. A Time For Yourself- Yik Fei
  11. Train- Patti Nelson
  12. Volkswagen!- Spencer Willis
  13. Casa de Eerie- Sarah Littlefield
  14. Rural Decay- Julie Stiefel
  15. Untitled- Allie Cross

Some of Walker Evans' photographs of the depression, in rural and urban settings

  1. Untitled- Jason Hill
  2. The Big Apple- Adi Levy
  3. The Great Outdoors- Chris Buczek
  4. Bus Stop- Kaitlyn Masters
  5. Untitled- Ben Foster
  6. Comic- Zsolt Anger
  7. Motorcycle Repair- Gary Soucy
  8. Windmill Sky- Sarah Littlefield
  9. Vinalhaven Night- Andrew Morrell
  10. Untitled- Adrian Budnick
  11. Untitled- Michael Rothman
  12. Weymouth Night- Skell K
  13. Breathing Tower- David Niddrie
  14. Little Buddha- Krish
  15. A Striped Patter Of Sunlight- Loko Nomura

Merry Alpern's Series "Dirty Windows," taken outside the window of a strip club bathroom.  This is what I want to recreate for my emulation project