Wednesday, October 15, 2008

  1. Run Boy Run- Pedro Dy-Liacco
  2. Messy Clouds- Sarah Cunningham
  3. Untitled- Kathryn Elizabeth Karnold-Lynch
  4. Mexico Winds- Breanna Vince
  5. When It Rains The Sky Falls- Lance Van Tine
  6. .- Spiridon Papaspirou
  7. Fabulous- Jennifer Hathorn
  8. The Self, Expressed- Hirsch
  9. Fashion Wholesale- Aurelien Caoudal
  10. Personal Style- Josie Ramondetta
  11. The Swim Hole- Megan Stout
  12. Fluid?- Jose Luis R. Novoa
  13. Alley Puddle- Kasim Patton
  14. The Experiment- Gianina Ferreyra
  15. Rubber Ducky Your The One- Kylie Fleming

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